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Grunfeld Defence - Discuss today at

The Grünfeld Defence (ECO codes D70–D99) is a chess opening characterised by the moves:

1. d4 Nf6
2. c4 g6
3. Nc3 d5

Black offers White the possibility of cxd5, when after Nxd5 White further gets the opportunity to kick the Black Knight around with e4, leading to an imposing central pawn duo for White. If White does not take the d5 pawn, Black may eventually play dxc4, when a White response of e4 again leads to the same pawn structure. In classical opening theory this imposing pawn centre was held to give White a large advantage, but the hypermodern school, which was coming to the fore in the 1920s, held that that a large pawn centre could be a liability rather than an asset. The Grünfeld is therefore a key hypermodern opening, showing in stark terms how a large pawn centre can either be a powerful battering ram or a target for attack.


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